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Tina Maas

Rebecca Hodgson

Ladybird playgroup was set up in Sept 2016 by Tina Maas, a parent at St Paul’s Steiner School in Islington, London. Tina is now running the playgroup with Rebecca Hodgson, former Kindergarten assistant and Kindergarten teacher at St Paul's for the past eight years. Tina has three children, two are still in the classes at St Paul’s. She has an MA in Communication Design and has been a travel photographer for many years. Her introduction to Steiner education began through her own children but she has recently completed her level 5 training as a Waldorf Steiner Kindergarten teacher. Tina is skilled at arts and crafts and is bilingual in German and English.


Rebecca is an ex-parent at St Paul's and has numerous years of experience working in the kindergarten, both in the capacity of assistant and as the Kindergarten teacher during two separate sabbatical covers. She holds a level 3 qualification. Both Tina and Rebecca have paediatric first aid certificates and relevant training in safeguarding and child protection. Ladybird Playgroup is registered with Ofsted under the registration EY536640 and had a successful Ofsted inspection in 2018 (

Copyright for all images © Tina Maas, Sevim Metin and Rebecca Hodgson

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